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14th International Rainwater Catchment Systems Conference
"Rainwater Harvesting to Cope With Climate Change"
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - August 2009

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Abstracts (PDF 430kb)

Keynote Session

K.1. Rainwater Harvesting and Climate Change
Dr (Ms.) Tanuja Ariyananda
presentation (23ss, 2.2Mb)

K.2. Implementation of Rainwater Harvesting in Malaysia
Ir. Ahmad Husaini Sulaiman
presentation (40ss, 10.2Mb)

K.3. Promotion of RAIN CITIES in Korea –Policies and Case Studies
Professor MooyoungHan
paper (6pp, 700kb), presentation (48ss, 8.2Mb)

K.4. Capacity Building and Technology for Rainwater Harvesting Systems
D. Brett Martinson
presentation (22ss, 4.2Mb)

K.5. Rainwater Harvesting as Supplement to Water Supply
Ir. Dr. Hasnul Mohamad Salleh Ir. Noor Azahari Bin Zainal Abidin
presentation (35ss, 3.8Mb)

K.6. Implementation of Rainwater Collection and Utilization System (SPAH)
Tan Choo Lan
presentation (17ss, 360kb)

K.7. Research and Development of Rainwater Harvesting Systems
Ir. Ahmad Jamalluddin Shaaban
presentation (56ss, 3.6b)

K.8. Urban and Rural Rainwater Harvesting Systems
Prof. Ruslan Hassan
presentation (67ss, 2.5Mb)

K.9. American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association and the Dynamics of the USA Rainwater Industry (ARCSA)
Jason Kerrigan
paper(8pp, 300 kb), presentation (23ss, 3.3Mb)

1. Rainwater Harvesting, Human Health and the Environment

1.1. Importance of Rainwater Harvesting in Human Health
C.S. Weeraratna & Tanuja Ariyananda
paper (5pp, 51kb), presentation (10ss, 50kb)

1.2. The Holistic Design of Rainwater Harvesting Systems in Three Urban Projects
L. Ng & E. Syariffudin
paper (9pp, 680kb)

1.3. Regional Climate Observation and Simulation of Extreme Temperature and Precipitation Trends
M.K. Sammathuria & L.K. Ling
paper (9pp, 300kb), presentation (17ss, 470kb)

1.4. The Application of Flat Ultra-Filtration for Rainwater Reuse
C. H. Liaw, J. Kuo, C.Y. Shih, & C. H. Wang
paper (5pp, 61kb), presentation (22ss, 250kb)

2. Innovation in Rainwater Harvesting Systems

2.1. First-flush Rainfall Operation Strategy for the Rainwater Utilization System Design
Shih-Chi Lee & Hsien-Te Lin
paper (7pp, 1.0Mb), presentation (18ss, 4.0Mb)

2.2. The Advanced Technologies for Water Uses by Photovoltaic Energy in Small Scale Reverse Osmosis
Takeyama Kouichi
paper (8pp, 440kb), presentation (28ss, 4.0Mb)

2.3. A Management and Operational Plan for Improving Cisterns Efficiency in Brazil
L. Palmier & A. Schvartzman
paper (8pp, 250kb), presentation (37ss, 1.4Mb)

2.4. Proposed rainwater harvesting system for the rest and service area, Kawasan Rehat Perasing, Kemaman, East Coast Highway, Malaysia.
Ir ismail Abd Rahman, & Ir Ellias Saidin
presentation (31ss, 2.0Mb)

3. Rainwater Harvesting, Human Health and the Environment / Small Island Rainwater Harvesting Systems

3.1. Optimization of Stormwater Harvesting and Controlling System According to Different Proposals
J. L. Wang, W. Che, J Q Li, G. Q. Pan, & H. X. Yi
paper (6pp, 240kb), presentation (28ss, 1.4Mb)

3.2. Effects of Roof Sizes on Reliability Analysis for Rainwater Harvesting
Prof. Ruslan Hassan, PhD, P.E.
presentation (44ss, 3.3Mb)

3.3. Study on The Quantitative Feasibility of Rainwater Harvesting in Small Islands
Jaehong Ki, & Mooyoung Han
paper (9pp, 150kb), presentation (24ss, 1.3Mb)

4. Rainwater Harvesting in Watershed for Soil Erosion Control and Management

4.1. Rainwater Harvesting in Integrated Watershed Managementfor Climate Change Adaptation
paper (9pp, 630kb), presentation (67ss, 24Mb)

4.2. Experimental Simulation Technique of Rainwater Harvesting Modes Optimization on Small Watershed of Loess Plateau in China
J.E.Gao, S.W.Yang , H.Shao, Y.X. Zhang, 7 M.J. Ji
Paper (9pp, 430kb), presentation (25ss, 1.4Mb)

4.3. System Integration over Watershed Rainwater Harvesting for Topsoil Run-off Reduction to Conserve Beautiful Coral Eco-System in Okinawa Province, Japan
J. Matsushita, A.R. Nafisah, A. Okada, & K. Suenobu
paper (8pp, 600kb), presentation (21ss, 2.9Mb)

5. Policy, Planning and Institutional Aspects

5.1. Comparison of Relevant Aspects in Rainwater Harvesting Practice between Two Metropolises: Tokyo Selangor
A.R. Nafisah & J. Matsushita
paper (9pp, 330kb), presentation (17ss, 2.4Mb)

5.2. Sustainable Construction Within The Built Environment: Malaysian Construction Industry Initiatives
Zuhairi Abd. Hamid, Mohd Khairolden Ghani ,& Maria Zura Mohd Zain
paper (12pp, 100kb), presentation (21ss, 460kb)

5.3. Rainwater Harvesting – Comparing Apple to Apple
Mohmad Asari Daud
presentation (14ss, 510kb)

5.4. Policy, Planning and Institutional Aspects of Rainwater Catchment and Management in the Rural Area of Semi-Arid Brazil for Climate Change Adaptation
J Gnadlinger
paper (8pp, 43kb), presentation (36ss, 1.7Mb)

6. Modeling for Impacts of Rainwater Harvesting

6.1. Modeling and Reliability of Rainwater Harvesting System at Educational Institution
Thamer Ahmad Mohammad, Abdul Halim Ghazali, & Megat Johari Megat Mohd. Noor
paper (8pp, 120kb), presentation (27ss, 1.1Mb)

6.2. Using SimCLIM to assess the risks of climate variability and change to de-centralised water harvesting systems
R.A. Warrick & P.B. Urich
paper (13pp, 800kb), presentation (16ss, 750kb)

6.3. Quantifying The First-Flush Phenomenon: Effects Of First-Flush On Water Yield And Quality
D. B. Martinson & T.H. Thomas
paper (9pp, 1.2Mb), presentation (18ss, 580kb)

6.4. Application of Continuous-Lumped Hydrology Model to Urban Long-Term Water Balance Analysis
Chao-Hsien Liaw, Yu-Chan Chia, & Wei-Min Hua
presentation (31ss, 2.4Mb)

7. Policy, Planning and Institutional Aspects / Capacity Building

7.1. Socio-Legal Effects of Compulsory Rainwater Harvesting in Malaysia
M.S. Othman, S.A. Rahman, R.M. Khalid & F.M. Shahwahid
presentation (23ss, 2.1Mb)

7.2. Policy and Implementation of Rainwater Harvesting in Putrajaya, Malaysia
Akashah Hj. Majizat
paper (9pp, 870kb), presentation (36ss, 3.7Mb)

7.3. Building Capacities from University to Society
J. A. Gleason, F. Córdova & J. A. Demerutis
paper (7pp, 300kb), presentation (12ss, 2.0Mb)

8. Rainwater Harvesting as a Supplement to Water Supply and Irrigation

8.1. Conceptualization of Rain Water Harvesting Structures in Delhi, India
paper (6pp, 1.3Mb), presentation (32ss, 4.2Mb)

8.2. Pilot Rainwater Harvesting Study, Ireland
L. McCarton, S. O'Hogain, A. Reid And N. Mcintyre, & J. Pender
paper (8pp, 190kb), presentation (42ss, 3.2Mb)

8.3. Rainwater Harvesting in Burkina Faso: an Alternative for Areas with High Water
H. Kambou
paper (5pp, 53kb), presentation (21ss, 3.6Mb)

9. Socio-Economic Aspects

9.1. Coping with water scarcity in water-rich environments: an integrated assessment of rooftop rainwater harvesting in the hills of Nepal
L. Domènech, H. Heijnen & D. Saurí
paper (10pp, 98kb), presentation (23ss, 1.0Mb)

9.2. Focused Evaluation of Rainwater Harvesting: A Case Study in Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia
A. I. Che-Ani, N. Shaari, H. Yahaya, M. Jamil1, N. Mohd-Tawil, & M.F.M. Zain
paper (8pp, 1.8Mb), presentation (21ss, 1.4Mb)

9.3. Rainwater - A Feasible and Economic Solution to the Acute Drinking Water Shortage of the Slam Dwellers of Dhaka City
Islam, M. M., Kabir, M. R. & Chou, F. N.-F.
paper (8pp, 130kb), presentation (33ss, 1.1Mb)

9.4. Evaluation of Required Capacity of Rainwater Harvesting System to Mitigate Typhoon-Induced Water Shortage in Southern Taiwan
Chou, F. N.-F., Islam, M. M. & Liaw, C.-H.
paper (8pp, 120kb), presentation (31ss, 350kb)

10. Urban and Rural Community Rainwater Harvesting Systems

10.1. Flood Mitigation Using Building Rooftop Catchment in Taiwan
K.F. A. Lo & K.C. Chih
paper (10pp, 480kb), presentation (56ss, 5.2Mb)

10.2. Integrated Roof Top Rain Water Harvesting In Saline Aquifer System, North West Rajasthan, India
Deesha & D.K.Chadha
paper (6pp, 780kb), presentation (19ss, 2.8Mb)

11. Socio-Economic Aspects

11.1. Thai Schools Find a Solution to Turn Rainwater into Clean, Safe Drinking Water
Ruben Van Beek
paper (3pp, 630kb), presentation (17ss, 950kb)

11.2. Effectiveness of Rainwater Harvesting System at Office Building in Coping with Climate Change
Ir Dr Mohd Nasir, Mohd Noh, Norasman Othman, Kamarul Azlan Mohd Nasir, Mardhiah Farhana Binti Omar, & Ellya Hayati Binti Omar
paper (10pp, 460kb), presentation (53ss, 12Mb)

11.3. Building an institutional rainwater harvesting framework; the RAIN model and its challenges
K.Neke, A. Schoemaker, B. Jantowski & R. Meerman
paper (7pp, 110kb), presentation (14ss, 1.0Mb)

11.4. Adaptation to Climate Change through Rainwater Harvesting in Nepal
Dr Indira Shakya
presentation (33ss, 7.4Mb)

11.5. Contaminants of Rainwater Harvesting Systems (RWHS) in Eastern Southern Australia
A.C. Morrow, R.H. Dunstan & P.J. Coombes
paper (8pp, 260kb), presentation (16ss, 4.5Mb)

12. Urban and Rural Community Rainwater Harvesting Systems

12.1. Rain City Initiative Proposed by Suwon City, Korea
Won Jeung Yeon, Mikyeong Kim & Mooyoung Han
paper (8pp, 380kb), presentation (38ss, 8.1Mb)

12.2. A Crucial Need for Rainwater Harvesting in Rural Schools in Ethiopia
Girma H.Gode
paper (9pp, 91kb), presentation (22ss, 360kb)

12.3. Harvesting Rainwater, an Innovative Approach to Easing Urban Water-Energy Dilemma
Y.R Chiu, C.H. Liaw , & Y.L. Tsai
paper (11pp, 360kb), presentation (35ss, 4.3Mb)

12.4. A Study of Rainwater Harvesting Systems Installations at Three Residential Houses in Malaysia
Ellias Saidin
paper (12pp, 1.3Mb), presentation (44ss,4.7Mb)

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