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8th International Conference on Rainwater Catchment Systems
"Rainwater Catchment for Survival"
Tehran, Iran - April 1997

Abstracts (PDF 350kb)



1. Small Scale - Water Resources Development

2. Floodwater Harvesting and Artificial Recharge of Groundwater

3. Water Supply

4. Hydro-Meteorological Aspects

5. Water Quality

6. Watershed Management

7. Desertification Control and Soil Conservation

8. Renewable Natural Resources and Community Participation

9. Sustainable Agriculture Development

Poster Abstracts

Religious and Cultural Aspects (articles written by the Department of Farhang-e Jihad Quarterly; will be mounted soon)

1. Small Scale - Water Resources Development

Alternate Dual -Mode Working Systems For The Collection And Use Of Rainwater In High-Rise Buildings For Non-Potable Purposes
Dr. Adhityan Appan, Ho Hua Chan and Wong Hou Jin
PDF of full document (7pp, 260kb)
Social Choice In Water Harvesting
Mr. F. Szidarovszky and Mr. A. Eskandari
PDF of full document (6pp, 150kb)
A Catchment Water Balance Model For Estimating The Groundwater Recharge In The Arid And Semi-Arid Regions Of Iran
Dr. Esmaiel Khazaie and A.E,F Spank
PDF of full document (11pp, 370kb)
Rainwater Utilization In Arid Zone Of Shiyang River Basin Gansu Province, China
Prof. Gong Xiaohu, Mr. Wang Benjin and Mr. Chine Ziyong
PDF of full document (7pp, 190kb)
Band-Sar: A Practice In Optimum Using Of Water And Soil Resources In An Arid Region
Mahmood Arabkhedri and Afshin Partovi
PDF of full document (7pp, 230kb)
Utilization Of Rainwater Resources For Developing Dryland Agriculture In The Gansu Province Of China
Baoxiu Zheng
PDF of full document (7pp, 250kb)
Religious Aspects of Using Rainwater in the Quran
G. Salahi Esfahani
PDF of full document (3pp, 120kb)
Sustainable Development In Arid Zone Rajasthan, India: The Role Of Rain Water Harvesting Systems
S. Ramanathan
PDF of full document (8pp, 350kb)
Cost-Benefit, Economic Analysis Of The Seasonal Flood Impacts On Water Supply: Taftan Region Case Study
Ali Khazai
PDF of full document (4pp, 130kb)
The Role Of NGOs In Community Water Resource Development In Ethiopia
Grima H. Michael
PDF of full document (8pp, 290kb)
Water And Sustainability
Joseph Keve
PDF of full document (7pp, 220kb)
A View To Rainwater Utilization And Its Role In Rural Areas Development In Arid And Semi-Arid Regions Of Iran
Mohsen Shariat Jafari, and Ali Akbar Abbasi
PDF of full document (6pp, 190kb)
Water Resources Development For Farming In Arid Regions: A Natural Catchment System Case Study
Mohammad Reza Daneshvar and Mohammad Reza Ekhtesasi
PDF of full document (8pp, 250kb)
Groundwater Availability Studies In Ghataprabha Sub-Basin In India
P.K.Majumdar and B.K.Purandara
PDF of full document (17pp, 520kb)
Storage Wells, Providing Water Resources In Small Scale
Alireza Arabinedjad
PDF of full document (2pp, 60kb)

2. Floodwater Harvesting and Artificial Recharge of Groundwater

Assessment Of Damages Sustained By The Gareh Bygone Plain Flood Water Spreading Systems In The Deluge Of 1986
Dr. Ahang Kowsar
PDF of full document (5pp, 160kb)

A Simulation Model Of Flood Control In The Subsided Area
Yushiro Iwao, Koichi Kawazoe and S. M. R. Emami
PDF of full document (10pp, 230kb)
Palygorskite Transport Through The Vadose Zone: A Progress Report
Mehrdad Mohammadnia and Ahang Kowsar
PDF of full document (8pp, 220kb)
Mathematical Model For Determination Of Inundated Area
Dr. Mohammad Ebrahim Banihabib and Professor Muneo Hirano
PDF of full document (8pp, 220kb)
The Effects Of Floodwater Spreading Project On Population Mobility In The Gareh Bygone Plain
Dr. Khosrow Movahed
PDF of full document (8pp, 180kb)
The Flood Runoff Utilization In Beijing
Huishibo Xie and Zhang Jianxin
PDF of full document (9pp, 270kb)
Profitability And Flexibility Of Flood Spreading Systems In Iran: The Case Of The Gareh Bygone Project
Asadolah Bakhtiar, Dr. Bahaddin Najafi, Ahang Kowsar and Sayyed Hamid Habibia
PDF of full document (7pp, 240kb)
Infiltration Ability Enhancement In Sedimentation Basins By Sowbugs
Gholamreza Rahbar and Ahang Kowsar
PDF of full document (4pp, 140kb)
Mathematical Modelling Of Shallow Water Flow In A Flood Spreading System
Payman D.Arasteh and S. Reza Vahhadj
PDF of full document (9pp, 230kb)
Optimal Distribution Of Artificial Recharge And It Stability
Associate Professor Nozar Samani and M.Sc. Siavash Behrooz
PDF of full document (8pp, 220kb)
Modelling Of Contaminants Transport In A Stratified Aquifer With A Random Walk Method
M. Ajalloueian, M. and Bues, L. Demassieux
PDF of full document (17pp, 440kb)
Evaluation Of Idje Artificial Groundwater Recharge Project, Esfahan, Iran
Dr. Ezatollah Raeisi, Farshad Koohyan Afzal
PDF of full document (13pp, 420kb)
Rainfall And Floodwater Harvesting Through Storage In Paleochannels
Prof. Wu Chen and Prof Yu Fenglan
PDF of full document (4pp, 150kb)
An Unsaturated Flow Model For Evaluation Of Flood-Spreading Projects
M. Kouchakzadeh and M. A. Banihashemi
PDF of full document (6pp, 110kb)
Predicting The Formation, Dissipation, And Shape Of Mounds Beneath The Artificial Recharge Of Groundwater Basins
Fardin Boustani and Ahang Kowsar
PDF of full document (10pp, 240kb)
Evaluation Of Artificial Groundwater Recharge Using Mathematical Methods
A. Fatehi Marj
PDF of full document (8pp, 200kb)

Simulation Of Ground Water Flow In An Artificial Recharge System
Peyman D. Arasteh and S. Reza Vahhadj
PDF of full document (9pp, 270kb)

3. Water Supply

Rainwater Catchment Systems: Development And Guidelines
Professor Yu-Si Fok
PDF of full document (8pp, 260kb)
Operation Of Zayandeh-Rud River-Reservoir System, Using Uncertain And Variable Demand 
Mohammad Karamouz and S. Jamshid Moosavi
PDF of full document (9pp, 250kb)
The Optimal River Management By Use Of Stochastic TIDP (Tracking Incremental Dynamic Programming) Model 
Ki Ho Park and Muneo Hirano
PDF of full document (9pp, 230kb)
Sacredness Of Rain Water In The Iranian Culture And Its Harvesting For Drinking And Agricultural Purposes
A. A. Movahed Danesh
PDF of full document (5pp, 180kb)
The Promotion Of Rainwater Catchment Systems In Botswana
G. R. Enyatseng
PDF of full document (7pp, 240kb)
Rainwater Harvesting For Drinking
S. J. Hashemian ,M. Radial and M. Hakimdjavadi
PDF of full document (6pp, 170kb)
Rainwater Catchment Systems And Rainwater Utilization In A University
Isao Minami, Ichiro Kita and Kunihiko Kitamura
PDF of full document (8pp, 190kb)
An Evaluation Of A Village Water Supply Scheme
Wan Nor Azmin Sulaiman, Mohd Nasir Hassan, Mohd Kamil and Yusoff, Muda Azizi
PDF of full document (8pp, 280kb)
Utilization Of Water For Recreational Purposes In Taiwan
Andrew Lo
PDF of full document (7pp, 240kb)
The Effects Of Canal Sedimentation On The Adequacy Of Releases Through Their Head Regulators - Case Study
Salih Hamad Hamid, Ahmed Babiker and Abu Obieda
PDF of full document (9pp, 300kb)
The Instrumentation And Field Testing Of A Rainwater Collector
Alan Fewkes
PDF of full document (10pp, 260kb)
Urban Water Life Cycle Management In The Sydney Region
Dr. Simon Beecham and Mehdi H. Khiadani
PDF of full document (10pp, 340kb)
Water Harvesting For Sustainability In The Indian Arid Zone Of Rajasthan
M. A. Khan, A. S. Faroda
PDF of full document (9pp, 320kb)
Study On Reservoirs Storage Regulation For Effective Water Utilization Using DPDP
Ichirokita, Konihiko Kitamura and Isao Minami
PDF of full document (8pp, 220kb)
Economical Studies Of Experimental Catchments Built For Collection Of Rainwater
M. Rad .S. J. Hashemian and M, Hakim-Javadi
PDF of full document (4pp, 110kb)
Different Purpose Of Rainwater Catciiment In China And Their Environmental Effects
Li Lijuan, Zhang Guoyou
PDF of full document (7pp, 200kb)
Planning Strategy Study For Roof Rainwater Catchment Systems
S.C.Chu, C. H. Liaw, Y.L. Tsai, J.C. Chen, J.T.Chen and S.C.Lee
PDF of full document (10pp, 270kb)
Design Of Rooftop Rain Catchment Systems In Micronesia
Dr. Leroy F. Heitz P.E., Dr. Stephen Winter and Dr. Shahram Khosrowpanah P.E.
PDF of full document (7pp, 250kb)

The Value Of Rainwater And The Importance Of Storage In Iran
Zahra Salahy Eslam, Zohre Araby Nejad
PDF of full document (4pp, 160kb)

4. Hydro-Meteorological Aspects

Theohydrology/ Hidrotheology , Rainwater Catchment In Its Broadest Perspective
Prof. Richard Heggen
PDF of full document (10pp, 600kb)
Evaluation Of Three Continuous Rainfall-Runoff Models, A New Approach
F. Sharifi
PDF of full document (16pp, 450kb)
Back Propagation Neural Networks In River Flow Forecasting
Prof.Huynh Nogc Phien, Mr. Nguyem Tan Danh
PDF of full document (10pp, 240kb)
Seasonal And Long-Term Behaviour Of Rainfall In Sub-Saharan Africa
Eng. Dafalla Mohamed Yousif, and Eng. Mufaddal Eltayeb Mohamed
PDF of full document (7pp, 160kb)
Forecasting Drought In Western Provinces Of Iran: A Time Series Approach
Prof. Mohammed Reza Meshkani
PDF of full document (9pp, 190kb)
Complex Hydrological Analysis Of The Kardeh Reservoir, And Its Effect On The Flow Regime
Abolfazl Mosaedi and Istvan Zsuffa
PDF of full document (12pp, 370kb)
The Effect Of Urbanization On The Increasing Trend Of Flood Occurrence: A Case Study Of Tehran
Amir Saberj and Jamal Ghoddousi
PDF of full document (7pp, 240kb)
Atmospheric Views In The Glorious Quran, And Related Climatolocical Findings
N. G Abrahimi and M. Sepehrian
PDF of full document (8pp, 280kb)
A Distributed Hydrological Model Using A Four Kilometer Square Grid
Dr. M. A. Sheikhzeinoddin
PDF of full document (15pp, 340kb)
An Investigation Into Rainfall - Runoff Processes Aiming At Estimating Runoff From Ungauged Catchments
F. Sharifi
PDF of full document (17pp, 630kb)

Analysis And Evaluation Of Important Models For Estimating The Potential Evapotranspiration
Dr. A. N. Darir and Alice Simonds
PDF of full document (8pp, 220kb)

5. Water Quality

Collection Of Runoff In Urbanized Catchment For Augments For Augmenting Storage In Conventional Water Impoundment Schemes
Dr. Adhityan Appan

PDF of full document (7pp, 210kb)
The Role Of Seepage Velocity On Contaminant Transport Through Saturated And Unsaturated Soils
Dr. Kazem Badv

PDF of full document (13pp, 500kb)
Quality Issues In Rainwater Harvesting For Kenya
Dr. G.K. Bambrah and Ms. S. Haq

PDF of full document (7pp, 260kb)
Urban Storm Water Re-Use: Opportunities And Constraints
R. A. Ghafouri and Dr. B. C. Phillips

PDF of full document (12pp, 390kb)
Use Of Horizontal-Flow Roughing Filtration Combined With Slow Sand Filtration In Rural Areas
Wang Yungsheng

PDF of full document (4pp, 120kb)
Sources Of Pollution For Rainwater In Catchment Systems, And Environmental Quality Problems
Seyed Ahmad Mirbagheri

PDF of full document (12pp, 310kb)
Rainwater Utilization For Fluorosis Control
Prof. Bo Ling

PDF of full document (3pp, 80kb)
Combined Application Of Rainwater And Treated Sewage For Irrigation Of Multipurpose Trees
Masoud Bagerzadeh Karimi, Anoshirvan Najafi and Mohammad Moghadam Vahed

PDF of full document (5pp, 180kb)
Fluctuation In The Quality Of Rainwater Stored In Indoors Container
Prof. Kunihiko Kitamura

PDF of full document (6pp, 220kb)
Salinity Reduction In Groundwater By Floodwater Spreading
Abdolhasan Pooladian, Ahang Kowsar

PDF of full document (5pp, 140kb)
Hydrogeochemical Study Of Dryland Salinisation In The Burkinbah Creek Catchment, Cumnock, New South Wales, Australia
Gholam Abbas Kazemi and William A. Miine- Home

PDF of full document (9pp, 230kb)
Effect Of Water Flow And Water Intake Variations On Quality Reduction Of Karoon River In Khuzestan
N. Djaafarzadeh, K. Morowati, A. M. Feghhi S. Rostami and H. Kaabi

PDF of full document (6pp, 210kb)
Quality Of Water And Extent Of Pollution In Parts Of The Cen'tral Yamuna River Basin
Dr. M. R. D. Farahani

PDF of full document (6pp, 210kb)
River Water Quality Classification 0f Selected Catchments In Langkawi Island, Malaysia Using Harkin's Index
Mohd Kamil Yusoff ,Muda Azizi, Wan Nor Azmin Sulaiman, Mohd Nasir Hassan, Mohd Sukri Shafiee

PDF of full document (8pp, 260kb)
Evaluation of the Impact of Rainwater Harvesting on Water Resource Quality
A. Taebi-Harandi

PDF of full document (8pp, 190kb)
Environmental Assessment of Low-Water Sediments in Rivers of Belarus
V. Savchenkov and N. Tanovits Kaya

PDF of full document (10pp, 370kb)
Rainwater Storage and Distribution in Selected Rural Areas of Bangladesh
Daulat Hussain, Ahiduzzaman and Thomas Rozario

PDF of full document (6pp, 210kb)

Land Use Development Activities in a River Basin and its Influence on the Beneficial Use of Terengganu River Water in Malaysia
B.M. Aziz, M.K. Yusof, W.N.A. Sulaiman and M.N. Hassan

PDF of full document (10pp, 210kb)

6. Watershed Management

Urban Stormwater Management in Australia and Iran: An Opportunity to Share practices
B.C. Phillips, A.G. Goyen and R.A. Ghafouri

PDF of full document (11pp, 380kb)
Approaches to Rainwater Harvesting and Retention in Urban Areas
Haisheng Mou and Huilin Wang

PDF of full document (9pp, 300kb)
Runoff Curve Number, And It's Variability In The Estimation Of Storm Runoff
Ali Vali-Khodjeini

PDF of full document (9pp, 250kb)
Problems And Possibilities Relating To Rainwater Utilization In Botswana
John E. Gould

PDF of full document (11pp, 410kb)
Rainwater Harvesting For Sustainable Development In The Shiwalik Foothills Of Northern India
Professor S. P. Mittal and Dr. J, S, Samra

PDF of full document (8pp, 230kb)
The Conflicts Between Short And Long- Term Economic Gains In Watershed Management
Mohd Nasir Hassan, Mohd Kamil Yusoff, Wan Nor Azmin Sulaiman, Azizi Muda and Cairul Bariah Zaid

PDF of full document (11pp, 390kb)
Water Yield Estimation Of Ungauged Watersheds In Arid And Semi-Arid Regions Of Iran
Mohammad Khosroshahi and Prof, Mohammad Mahdavl

PDF of full document (10pp, 260kb)
Hydrological Studies For Determining The Physical Impacts Of In-Stream Sand Mining On The Double Swamp Creek, NSW,Australia
Ali M. Akhoond -Ali and Wayne D. Erskin

PDF of full document (10pp, 320kb)
The Effect Of Soil Management On Reserving And Protecting Rainwater
Mr. Zabihollah Eskandari

PDF of full document (5pp, 170kb)
The Role Of Digging Of Ditch In The Base Of Astragalus On Storage And Infiltration Of Rain Water
Gholam Hossein Karam
PDF of full document (5pp, 120kb)
GIS Applications In Hydrology Computation Of Runoff Curve Number
PDF of full document (9pp, 270kb)
The Construction Of Contour Banking As A Small Catchment For Multipurpose Crops Production: A Case Study
Hamid Reza Gazorypor

PDF of full document (8pp, 200kb)
Effect Of Different Methods Of Rainwater Harvesting On Renewable Natural Resources
Abdolreza Esmaeli

PDF of full document (6pp, 190kb)
The Effects Of Turkinests On Qanat Recharge And Flood Control
Ezzatollah Hosseini

PDF of full document (5pp, 140kb)
Modeling The Effects Of Land Use Change
Dr. B. C. Phillips and R. A. Ghafouri

PDF of full document (11pp, 390kb)
A General Over Look To Quran On Benefits Of Water
Hossein Karbasi

PDF of full document (5pp, 160kb)
Fog Capture And Utilization The Coastal Peruvian Desert
Prop. Mario Falciai and Eng. Elena Bresci

PDF of full document (8pp, 340kb)

Transmission Loss In Upstream Catchments Of Arid Zones
A. Telvari

PDF of full document (9pp, 270kb)

7. Desertification Control and Soil Conservation

Experiences On Water Harvesting In Mexico
Prof. Dr. Manuel Ana Y A-Garduao
PDF of full document (5pp, 190kb)
On The Ethics Of Combating Desertification: An Application Of Islamic Approach
Iqtidar H. Zaidi
PDF of full document (10pp, 420kb)
Condensed Water As A Source Of Water For Biological Fixation Of Sand Dunes
PDF of full document (5pp, 120kb)
Water Consrrvation In Biological Point Of View In Dry Conditions With An Emphasis On Sainfoin PDF of full document (Onobrychis Viciiifolla Scop.)
Dr. S. R. Mir.Hosseini-Dehabadi
PDF of full document (8pp, 270kb)
Rainfall Erosion Influenced By Slope Length In The Hilly Loess Region, China
Cai Qiangguo
PDF of full document (6pp, 160kb)
Calculating Sediment Discharge Using A Developed Computer Package
Dr. Mahdi Habibi
PDF of full document (9pp, 250kb)
The Effect Of Soil Type, Shape And Slope Of Rainwater Catchments On River Sediments
M. Sajedi, N. Shams-Kia and A. H. Haghiabi
PDF of full document (5pp, 140kb)
Portland Cement For Erosion Control And Rainwater Collection
Hassan Rahimi
PDF of full document (10pp, 260kb)

Rainfall Erosion Indices Of Mazandaran Central Watersheds PDF of full document (North 0f Iran)
Seyed Mahmoud and Reza Behbahani
PDF of full document (10pp, 280kb)

8. Renewable Natural Resources and Community Participation

Afforestation By Rainwater Harvestng And Evaluation Of Different Species: A Case Study
A. Najafi, A. Barzghar-Ghazy, A. Javanshir And M. Moghaddam
PDF of full document (7pp, 260kb)
Floodwater Spreading For The Establishment Of Wooded Range Land
Mossayyeb Zare, Hamid Messbah
PDF of full document (7pp, 180kb)
Adaptability And Growth Rate Of Various Conifers Conditions In Arasbaran Region Under Rainfed
A. Najafi, S. Abdi, T. Ebrahimi-Kajooti, A. Allahyari
PDF of full document (6pp, 210kb)
A Survey Of Planting Four Species Of The Eucalyptus, Based On Reserves From Precipitation, On Mulch Covered Sandy Hills In The Khuzestan Province
Najaf Najafi and Hassan Saleheh Shooshtary
PDF of full document (5pp, 120kb)
Investigation On The Adaptability Of Coniferous And Broad Leafedtrees Under Rainfed Conditions Around Tabriz Area
Mohammad Ali Sarcarat
PDF of full document (5pp, 150kb)
Study Of Tree Dry Farming By Surface Runoff
Mohsen Bany Asadi, Ahmad Anseri, Farang Khosraviyan and Ali Zangi
PDF of full document (9pp, 220kb)
Evaluation Of The Biomass Of Mixed Cropping Of Wheat-Grass And Alfalfa Using Rainwater In The Arasbaran Region
Anoshirvan Najafi, Shahrokh Mohseni, Aziz Javanshir, Seyed Abolghasem Mohammadi and Akbarabdi Ghazijahani
PDF of full document (5pp, 160kb)
Role Of Precipitation In Concentration Of Nutrients In Rhizosphere Vicinity Using Crescent Contour Bundings
Syrous Azarabadi and Anoshirvan Najafi
PDF of full document (7pp, 160kb)
Tree Growth Response to Clitatic Variables in Mixed Regression Model
Hamid Djalilvand and Benoit Cote
PDF of full document (11pp, 440kb)
Investigation of Edaphic Forests in Yazd Province
Alireza Karimi Noghipoor, Mohammad Hossein Djazirei and Mohammad Djafari
PDF of full document (7pp, 170kb)
Comparing Different Methods of Precipitation Reserve and their Effects on the Establishment of Canopy Cover
Aziz Orsham
PDF of full document (9pp, 300kb)
Extension Work And The Role Of Women In Water Catchment Rehabilitation
Dr. Jessica Calfoforo- Salas
PDF of full document (9pp, 310kb)
Participatory Rainwater Harvesting, Storage And Recycling: A Case Study At Rel Majra Village, India
Dr. Jagir Singh Samra
PDF of full document (7pp, 180kb)
Rainwater Catchment Systems And Indigenous Knowledge Systems: An Exploration With Iranian Nomads
Dr. Mohammad Hossein Emadi
PDF of full document (4pp, 140kb)

9. Sustainable Agriculture Development

Aquifer Management: A Key To Food Security In The Deserts Of Iran
Sayyed Ahang Kowsar
PDF of full document (7pp, 260kb)
The Growth And Yield Of Grape Vines When Influenced By Micro-Catchment Water Harvesting In A Dryland Region
A. R. Sepaskhak, A A Kamgtr-Hagigi, S A A Moosavi
PDF of full document (7pp, 180kb)
Role Of Supplemental Irrigation Using Harvested Rainfall On The Various Phenological Stages Of Dry Farming Wheat Crop
Fathali Kalantari
PDF of full document (7pp, 260kb)
History Of Rainfed Agriculture In Turkey
Prof. Dr.Mehmat Aydin and Seref Kilic
PDF of full document (5pp, 220kb)
Determining Spatial Variability Of Ground Water Levels For Sustainable Irrigated Agriculture
R. Devi and H.R. Patel
PDF of full document (7pp, 200kb)
Influence Of Runoff Irrigation On Soil And Plant Nutrients
Johannes Lehmann and Wolfgang Zech
PDF of full document (6pp, 200kb)
Management Of Rainwater And Its Recycling For Increasing Crop Productivity In Bhal And Coastal Belt Of Gujarat (India)
A. Das, V.V. Sonani and P.T. Patel
PDF of full document (9pp, 330kb)
"In Situ" Rainwater Catchment For Crop Use
Seyed Majid Hasheminia
PDF of full document (10pp, 400kb)
Correlation Between Rainwater Use And Agriculture Sustainable Development Of Loess Plateau Of China
Huang Zhanbin, Shan Lun, Wu Pute, Zhang Zhengbin
PDF of full document (7pp, 250kb)
Feasibility Of Honeybee (Apis Mellifera L.) Rearing In The Kowsar Water Spreading Station
Bahman Eilami
PDF of full document (5pp, 150kb)
Rainwater Management For Sustainable Production In Indian Arid Zones
R. K. Goyal, P. R.Ojasvi and J. P. Gupta
PDF of full document (4pp, 130kb)
Scarcity of Natural Resources and its Implications for Sustainable Development
A.B. Tetteh
PDF of full document (5pp, 150kb)
Agricultural Reuse Of High Salinity Wastewater Through Drip Irrigation
Dr. Iqbal Ali
PDF of full document (7pp, 180kb)
Documentation Of Soil Fertility: An Experience From Irrigation Resource Inventory Of North-East Tanahun And East Chitwan Valley, Nepal
R.N. Yadav
PDF of full document (9pp, 330kb)
Pilot Irrigation Systems For On-Farm Water Management At Jibrin, Nattalah And Jimah Areas Of The Sultanate Of Oman
Emad Abdel Majid
PDF of full document (10pp, 270kb)
Feasibility Of Developing Small Catchments Based On Rainwater Harvesting Tanks For Small And Marginal Farmers In Bhal And The Coastal Belt Of Gujara T (India)
P. T. Patel , J. B. Raol, A. Das and V. V Sonani
PDF of full document (12pp, 340kb)
Burkina Faso Experience On Rainwater Harvesting For Drought Proofing Of Rainfed Agriculture
L. Some Inera
PDF of full document (15pp, 350kb)

Full Utilization Of Rainfall Runoff As An Effective Way For Development Of Water Resources In Arid And Semi-Arid Regions Of China
Zu Zhenhua, Wang Kailin, Song Guanchuan
PDF of full document (7pp, 260kb)

10. Poster Abstracts

Poster abstracts are included as one file for now. They may be separated later. If the download is too large, Individual abstracts can be obtained by e-mailing

Download abstracts as a PDF (205pp, 5.7Mb)

Titles included are:

Songhuajiang Region Dry Farmland Saving Water Irrigation Technique
Li Hengshi, Lan Yuping, Zang Keling, Ren Yudong, Huang Shaozhaing

The Importance of Snow and it's Role in the Formation of Water Channels and Subterranean Reservoirs
Hojjatollah Zieaie

Protection and Management of Renewable Water Resources in the Context of Sustainable Rural Development
John M. Erskine

Floods and Related Watershed Management in Tabriz, I. R. Iran
Habib Zahedi

Development of Water Resources Through Watershed Management
Bahman Chehrmonavvari, E. Parvaresh

Listening to People at the Grassroots
Sabina Bindra

Environmental Aspects of Rain Quality
AH Salahi Kojoure

Influence of Chahnimeh Reservoirs on Harvesting from Water Resources of the Sistan Area
Ali Emam, H. R. Solaymani

Techniques for the Preservation of Precipitation in Soil Mass: Lessons of Turkmanistan
Gennady G. Galifanov

Study on the Role of Vegetation Cover in Soil Conservation
S. H. R. Sadeghi

Impact of the Urban Area (Minsk, Belarus) on the Alluvial Lithogenesis: Geochemical Aspect
Savtchenko Vladimir

Rainfall for Irrigation Palms
Shahamat Sheybany

Watershed Management as a Crucial Need: A Case Study
S. K. Pathak, B. R. Singh

The Longtime Effect of Flood Harvesting on Infiltration Rate
Mahmood Arabkhedri, Amir Sarreshtehdari, Korosh Kamali

The Monitoring of Desertification: Role of Modern Techniques and Local Perception
S. J. Hassan Kazmi

The Effect of Floodwater Spreading on the Artificial Recharge of Groundwater: A Case Study
H. R. Gaffari

Sub-Soiling Practice for Water Harness and Soil Conservation Management
Barat Ghobadian, M. K. Araghi

Utilization of Rainwater as an Alternative for Rural Water Supply Development in the Sub-Tropical Areas of the Azerbaijan Republic
Ibraghim Mamedzadeh

The Effects of Geological Formation on the Water Resources Quality
H. R. Payrovan, N. Shams-Kia, M. H. Hassannia

Small Scale Water Resource Development: Traditional Rainwater Harvesting in Newala District
S. H. Geugeu

The Effects of Contour Furrowing on Desertification: A Case Study
A. R. Mohajeri

Application of Coastal Sand-Dunes as a Rainwater Catchment System
Hossein Radmanesh

Use of Storm Water
Kenneth L. Opiro

Management of Flood Plains by Using GIS, and Remote Sensing
Jalil Vahabi, Najafgholi Ghiasi

Underground Temperature Survey for Detecting the Groundwater Vein-Stream
Atsuo Takeuchi, Hideyuki Tanaka, Ziaoddin Shoaei

Review and Study: Traditional Method of Supplying Drinking Water from Rainfall in the Villages of Baluchestan, I. R. Iran
Mosa Bakhtiari Nasab

Study and Evaluation of the Traditional Methods for Water Harvesting in Turkman-Sahara (North-East of Iran)
Mansour Khagehvand Khazai, Ali A. Tajali

Groundwater Recharge Techniques
Yu Fenglan

Ferrocement and it's Role in Storing Water
A. Bahrami Jovain, S. M. Saeidi

An Improved Design for Semi-Circular Reservoirs
S: M. A. Khamesi, L. Jowkar, G. Habibaghi, A. Kowsar

Study on Roof Rainwater Catchment Project Application and Dissemination
Han Guangen, Zhang Jianming

Izadkhast Darab: A Flood-Based Civilization
G. Rahbar, A. Kowsar

Application of Global Positioning System Technology for an Improved Management ofWatershed and Irrigation Resources
K. R. Adhikari

Use of Rainfall in Dry Fanning Plantation of Almond Trees in the Eastern Azarbaijan Province
Ali Baghery Zonz

Estahban Fig Orchards, Rain Optimal Use
Hainid Mesbah, A. Kowsar

Water from Sand
Erik Nissen Petersen

Water from Rocks
Erik Nissen Petersen

Investigation on the Influence of Flood Spreading on Groundwater Quality in the Gareh Bygone Plain
Dadvar Lotfollahzadeh, Abolgasem Tavassoli

Floodwater Irrigation System: A Case Study in Zanjan
Alizadeh Mohammed

A Solution for Drinking Water in Desert Areas by Saline Water Greenhouse Distillation
Tian Yuan, So Drong

Utilization of Rainwater Resources in the Gansu Province
Tian Yuan, Wang Benjing

Surface Water Classification Based on Turbidity and Depth Through Image Processing
Nader Jalali

Effect of Gypsum on the Quality and Quantity of Runoff and Sedimentation in Sodic Marls
Ali Jafari Ardakani, Afshin Partovi

Utilization of Natural Precipitation Resources in Semi-Arid Loess Plateau
Wang Jing, Zhao Songling

Landslide Darns: The Most Incomparable Rainwater Storage Natural System
Mohsen Shariat Jafari

Barrier to the Effectiveness of Rainwater Catchment System in Developing Countries
James Mwami

Level of Lead and other Chemicals in Rainwater, in the Urban Area of Tabriz and Ligvan Basin
Noraldin Ayrimlo, Hassan Dolatabadi

Water Harvesting and Storing: A New Experience in Horticulture
Hossain Tavakoli

Training and Innovating Extension in Rainwater Catchment Systems
E. J. Chaggu

The Role of Communication and Mass Media in Developing the Use of Urban and Rural Catchment Systems
Amir Sarreshtedari, Mohammad R. E. Kahnamooei, Ali Vahabi

The Role of Ephemeral Streams on Groundwater Recharge in Arid Regions: A Case Study in Iran
Seyed Alireza Banihashemi

Optimizing Biomass Production by Runoff Irrigated Agroforestry in the Semi-Arid Region North of Kenya
Lehmann Johannes, Dropplelmann Kiaus, Zech Wolfgang

Vortex Setting Basin: An Efficient Way of Sediment Removal from Flowing Water
Mehdi Habibi, Nasrollah Javaheri, Mojtaba Sanaeie

Floodwater Harvesting and Utilization in Arid and Semi-Arid Areas
Datius G. Rutashobya

Utilization of Worn Out Tires in Directing Rainwater and Protecting it Against Evaporation and Seepage
Ahmad Mahvan

Importance of Hydro-Geological and Hydro-Geochemical Studies in Floodwater Spreading Projects
Hossein Mohammadzadeh, Reza Ghafourian

Increasing Water Resources by Cloud Stimulation in the Republic of Armenia
Hrachik Nikoghosian

Small Projects: A Great Need for Sustainable Development of Water Resources of Iran
Hadi Mirabolghasemie

Watershed Management Practices in the Southwest of Iran - Khuzestan
Abdol Majid Foroughi

Wind Erosion and Sand Dune Stabilization Practices in the Great Konyan Basin of Turkey
Bahri Cevik, Aytekin Berkman

Environmental effects of Floodwater harvesting of the wild life
Fazel Iranmanesh, Marahem Rahmati

Rainwater Collection and Exploitation of the Desert and Desertized Area
Liu Weinong

Socio-Economic Reflections of Flood Spreading in the Gareh Bygone Plain
Marahem Rahmati, Ismail Sharifi

A Study on the Effects of Data Period Length on Flood Estimation of the Basin
Mohammad Taghi Dastourani

Rainwater Collection and Utilization Siminghu Reservoir, Yuya City, Zhejang Province, China
Yi Yongqing

Rainwater Harvesting for Drinking Water in the Torkman Sahra Region
Mostafa Taleshi, Reza Ghafourian

Technology for Sustainable Supply of Water
Subhra Chakravarty

Floodgate: The Symbol of Traditional Rain-Basins in the Caspian Plain, and. its Economic Social Effects on Borders
A. Alipor, R. Rasoli

Effect of the Contour Trench on Plain Vegetation
H. Ahmadnejad, H. Tavakoli

Rainfed Agriculture on the Hilly Region of Hangwang in Xuzhou, China
Ke-Jian Cai

The United Connection of River-Beds and Other Networks to Watersheds in Rainwater Catchment Systems
Ahmad Roshanfeckr-e-Rad

Rainwater Harvesting in an Arid Area of Pakistan: A Case Study of the Modern Water Reservoir
Tanveer Arif

Introducing the Rainwater Catchment System in Kurdestan Province, I. R. Iran
Eghbal Mohammady, Hossein Khaledian

Traditional Methods of Rainfall Collection in Kerman Province, I. R. Iran
Karamat Mijani

Watershed Management: A Key to Uplift Socio-Economic Status in the Shivalik Foothill Villages of India
Y. Agnihotry, J. S. Samra

The Role of Flood Control Reservoirs in Reducing Flood Peak
F. Rashid Ghaffari, Shahbaz Hassani, Mahdi Mohammadnia

The Utilization of Surface Runoff and the Water and Soil Conservation in Songhjaing, P. R. China
Lan Yuping, Li Hengshi, Zhang Peiming

Rainwater Catchment Volume Provided by Mixed Special Soil
A. Alipourjahani

Evaluation of Floodwater Utilization Methods from Ephemeral Rivers in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions of Iran
Ali Akbar Abbasi

Farmland Rainwater Catchment Techniques in China
Chang-Xing Jin

A Research on Flood Spreading and Artificial Recharge of Aquifers in the south of Isfahan (Bagh-e-Sorkh and Amin Abad)
T. Akhbari, M. Matin

The Role of Abanbars in Rainwater Collection in the Southern Parts of the Fars Province, I. R. Iran
Abdol-Ali Adelpoor, G. Rahbar, A. Rezania

Computation of Runoff Hydrograph of Microcatchments
M. J. Khanjani, G. A. Barani

Rainwater Collection, Storage and Utilization for the Purpose of Agricultural Development in the Behshahr and Neka Plain
M. Habibnejad Rewshan, S. M. Hosseini, M. Safai

Rehabilitating the Old Rainwater Collection and Storage Systems: Lessons from the Gorgan Region, I. R. Iran
M. Salehi Jazi

Artificial Groundwater in Thailand: A Case Study
M. Davoody, J. Parvardeh

Study and Evaluation of Traditional Intake Systems (Khoshab)
Nabi Yari

Effects of Floodwater Spreading on the Elevation of the Water Table, and the Enhancement of the Water Quality in the Doodege Abad, Fasa Aquifer
Abdolali Vali

The Designing Method of Rainwater Catchment Systems for Agricultural Utilization in the Mountainous Area of West He'nan
Guan Hua

Soil Water Plant Model Under Micro-Catchment Water Harvesting Systems in Orchards
Gholam Abbas Barani, Mohammad Javad Khanjani

Rainwater Harvesting with Special Reference to Water Supply, Sustainability, and the Socio- Economic Development Project of Buona Vista, Galle, Srilanka
Jessica Alles, F. Abeyanaike

Storing and Using Rainwater in the Gilan Province
R. Bakhshipour . Pirooz Azizi

Hydro-Meteorological and Sustainable Water Resources Development in the Abbay River Basin
Workaferahu Mulat Gelta

Design and Fabrication of a Rainfall Simulator
AH Akbar Tajahmadi

Rainwater and the Agriculture in Albania
Hysen Cobani

Variation of Snowfall with Elevation in Zayandarud Basin
Mohammad Mosayebi

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