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10th International Rainwater Catchment Systems Conference
"Rainwater International 2001"
Mannheim, Germany - September 2001

Section 2: Rainwater Catchment in Humid and Arid Regions

Paper 2.23

Rainfall Harvesting From Pretreated Catchment Areas

Majed Abu-Zreig
Dept. of Agricultural Engineering & Technology
Jordan University of Science and Technology
P. O. Box 3030


Rainfall harvesting from roofs and backyards has been practiced in Jordan for many years. However, this practiced has been decreases due to limited rainfall and spread of public water supply system. Rainfall can be captured from building roofs, courtyards and playground areas. Collected water is stored in underground storage tanks and cisterns. In a larger scale, rainfall harvesting can be achieved using pre-treated catchment and micro catchment areas to increase the efficiency of runoff and maximize the amount of collected rainfall. The objective of this research is to quantify the efficiency of various surface treatment methods and its effect on rainfall collection.

A laboratory experiment was conducted to estimate the runoff efficiency using four surface treatment methods, two-rainfall intensities, two-rainfall duration and two soils. Surface treatments were, wax treatment, plastic cover and compaction plus a control. The two soils used in the experiments were sand and loam soil. Results indicated that soil compaction had the highest runoff efficiency followed by plastic cover, wax treatment and natural soil. The runoff efficiency of sandy soil with rainfall intensity of 3 mm/min and 10 min duration rainfall for compaction, plastic cover, wax treatment, and natural soil were 79, 64, 45, and 20%, respectively. The corresponding efficiencies for clay soils were 82, 71, 74, and 65%, respectively. It has been concluded that little physical treatment of soil surface such as compaction can enhance rainfall collection form backyard and natural playgrounds and helps in increasing water supply in rural areas.

PDF of full document (4pp, 20kb)

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