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10th International Rainwater Catchment Systems Conference
"Rainwater International 2001"
Mannheim, Germany - September 2001

Section 4: Rainwater Catchment in Agriculture

Paper 4.17

Innovations in Watershed-based Rainwater Harvesting

C. Udaya Shankar
Action for Food Production - AFPRO
25/1A, Institutional Area,
Pankha Road
D-Block Janakpuri
New Delhi - 110 05
email :


  • The programme was based on people's know-how and decisions on watershed-based rainwater harvesting, structures and processes. To add to this, exposure trips and training programmes helped communities to grasp the concepts and its workings perfectly. 
  • Technical inputs by the implementing agency slowly reduced over a period of four years, to the point that certain communities built their own structures, without any technical assistance from the implementing agency. 
  • From the very beginning, the programme emphasised on landless and other marginalised persons within the community. Benefit-sharing within the community has therefore worked towards equity, actually empowering significant numbers - for instance poor single women, landless families, etc. 
  • Landless and land-poor families often rely on their livestock to survive. The programme gave special wieght to this fact, and a lot of the small surface-water bodies created were for the express purpose of serving the drinking water needs of livestock.

PDF of full document (2pp, 42kb)

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