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10th International Rainwater Catchment Systems Conference
"Rainwater International 2001"
Mannheim, Germany - September 2001

Section 4: Rainwater Catchment in Agriculture

Paper 4.22

The Micro Irrigation and Amelioration of Stored Rainwater with Natural Energies

Kouichi Takeyama, Manabu Adachi, Ichirou Kita, Akira Higuchi
Shimane University Faculty of Life and Environmental Science


This paper describes some experiments with micro irrigation systems and the amelioration effects of zeolite filter for better use of stored rainwater with natural energies. Energy is derived from the force of wind or sunlight collected by solar cells. Electric power is used directly from solar cells or ordinary car batteries, and connected to a 40W DC pump or a blower, which circulates water through zeolite filter to prevent water pollution. The transmitted sunlight effect is tested with waterweed (Egeria Densa Planch, EDP), where sunshine is hard to collect. The sunlight is collected by fresnel lenses and transmitted to the 100 l test water tank through optical fibers. Micro sprinklers or tubes with holes are effective in small irrigation systems. Aeration provided by water cycling through zeolite filter in the 25m3 water pool decreases COD from 14mg/l to 9.8mg/l and dissolves little phosphorus in a week. However, the bottom of the small rainwater storage pond with lots of waterweed shows a slight decrease in DO due to the heat and weak sunlight.

PDF of full document (1pp, 7kb)

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