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10th International Rainwater Catchment Systems Conference
"Rainwater International 2001"
Mannheim, Germany - September 2001

Section 5: Legal and Political Aspects of Rainwater Harvesting

Paper 5.20

Technical and Ecological Visions of Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Yu-Si Fok
Dept. of Civil Engineering & Researcher of Water Resources Research Center
University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2540 Dole St.
Honolulu, Hawaii

The Use of Appropriate Technology in RWHS

The use of appropriate technology in RWHS is vital for its success in sustainable use. Because users can afford to buy, to develop and to maintain their RWHS, they should be informed that there are many ways to get water for their use. However, many modern technological water systems are high in cost, beyond many developing countries' ability to afford them. For example, if the RWHS need higher technology skills in operation and maintenance than the users' ability; then the systems are not appropriate for them. If the systems malfunction, the users would not be able to repair them.

PDF of full document (3pp, 15kb)

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