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1st International Conference on Rain Water Cistern Systems
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA - June 1982

Section 2: Rainfall Analysis

Page 68

Frequency Distribution of Weekly Rainfall at Bahadrabad, India

S.M. Seth
National Institute of Hydrology , India

Jagdish Mohan & S.S. Tiagi
U.P. Irrigation Research Institute, India


The state of Uttar Pradesh, which is extremely diverse in topography, climate and vegetation, ranks fourth in area and first in population in India. Because of the rapid growth in population, intensive urbanization and industrialization is taking place in the basically agricultural areas in the foothill regions of the Himalayas. Rainfall in this region occurs during the monsoon months of June to October with most of it occurring July and August, with some rainfall during the non-monsoon months. During the monsoon season, there is considerable variation in rainfall in time and space. To provide information regarding expected levels of rainfall at different time for planning drainage requirements, the analysis of statistical characteristics of rainfall in the area is necessary.

The meteorological observatory at Bahadrabad, established in 1952, is situated at 29°55.5' east latitude and 78°2.25' north longitude at an elevation of 275 m above mean sea level. Its climatic observations are representative of the foothill region of the Ganga-Yamuna interbasin. The observatory is equipped with recording and non-recording types of rain gauges. The weekly rainfall for 1955 to 1980 for the monsoon season (1 June-1 November) has been used in the present study. The maximum weekly rainfall of 395.7 mm during this period occurred in the week of 3 to 9 August 1978.

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