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1st International Conference on Rain Water Cistern Systems
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA - June 1982

Section 3: Design, Cost, And Policy

Page 118

Feasibility Analysis of Rain Water Cistern Systems as an Urban Water Supply Source

Shuichi Ikebuchi
Kyoto University, Japan

Seiji Furukawa
New Japan Engineering Consultant Company, Japan


In the past, dam reservoirs were constructed to meet the increasing water supply demand as a result of the growth in population and urbanization. In recent years, however, social pressures and environmental controls have made it more difficult to construct dam reservoirs; thus, a comprehensive water supply system has become an increasingly important planning guide. With this in mind, we propose the integration of rain water cistern systems into existing water supply systems.

In Japan, there are a few examples of rain water cistern systems that are limited to the roof catchment and storage of rain on individual buildings or houses. Judging from the scale effect and the operation and maintenance of this system, the collective form seems to be more efficient and effective than small, individual rain water cistern systems. As presented in this paper, the collective form of rain water cistern systems relates to the expansion of roof catchment areas of many buildings in the urban area. The assets of this sort of system are threefold: (1) a supplemental source of potable water to the existing water supply system, (2) a means of diminishing and utilizing storm runoff, and (3) a method of decreasing the amount of treatment necessary for the combined sewer system.

PDF of full document (10pp, 300kb)

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