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1st International Conference on Rain Water Cistern Systems
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA - June 1982

Section 3: Design, Cost, And Policy

Page 210

Cost Analysis of Rain Water Cistern Systems

Yu-Si Fok & PingSun Leung
Univer ty o£ Hawaii at Manoa, USA


The economic feasibility of rain water cistern RWC) systems is an important factor in its acceptance in the scheme of water resources planning and development. A cost analysis of this water supply system is complex because socioeconomic conditions vary in different countries. To present an unbiased cost analysis of a RWC system, a case-by-case format is preferable and, if possible, a cost comparison with the existing public water supply system should be also included. In general, RWC systems are financed with private funds, and public water supply systems with public funds. However, their costs to users may not differ too much. In addition, the cost of labour is another factor that should be considered in the cost analysis. It is this amount of labor that owners contribute to their own RWC systems that is difficult to document as a cost item. Thus, these factors should be considered by the readers of this paper.

PDF of full document (10pp, 310kb)

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