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1st International Conference on Rain Water Cistern Systems
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA - June 1982

Section 4: Water Quality

Page 257

A Water Quality Argument For Rain Water Catchment Development In Belau

Charles Romeo
University of Guam, USA


Summary of Problem.

The quantity and quality of fresh water for human use has been a critical area of development in the Republic of Belau, formerly Palau, in the Western Caroline Islands. In an area which receives about 3 810 mm (150 in.) of rainfall per year, development of water resources has lagged behind demand and use. The primary emphasis for the last thirty years has been on the development of a centralized water system utilizing the impoundment of surface water. Resulting water hours from an insufficient quantity of water and delivery problems plus poor quality have limited the effectiveness of the municipal system in meeting the needs of the consumer. Because of these quantity and quality problems, rain water has been extensively utilized for human consumption. Yet, there has been little organized effort to develop this resource beyond a rudimentary level. Thus, rainwater catchments are often inadequate during certain times of the year.

With increased growth and development and a need to be self-sufficient, a sound water resources development policy that include rainwater catchment should be considered for the Republic of Belau. The high quality of rainwater in this geographic area should be an important actor in this choice.

PDF of full document (9pp, 290kb)

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