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2nd International Conference on Rain Water Cistern Systems
St Thomas, Virgin Islands - June, 1984

Section F: Economic Considerations

Paper F.1

Yield And Cost Of Water Supplies From Rain-Fed Cisterns: Puerto Rico

Gregory L. Morris Gaddiel Ayala
Dept. of Natural Resources Puerto Rico


Rainfall cisterns have traditionally been used as a source of potable water supply in Puerto Rico, and in some regions cisterns may yet represent a cost-effective alternative to conventional. forms of public water supply development. Yield and cost analysis of cistern supplies for Puerto Rico are compared with conventional water supplies, and may be used as a basis for determining when public policy should promote cistern construction.

Rainfall data from six climatic regions in Puerto Rico are analyzed to synthesize the relationship among catchment area, storage and yield for cisterns. Yield, relationships are presented summarizing the catchment area and cistern volume needed in each part of Puerto Rico to provide a desired level of water supply, either with or without water rationing during drought.

Regional catchment area and storage requirements are determined for each climatic region, and this is compared to the typical cost of conventional water supplies.

PDF of full document (14pp, 260kb)

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