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2nd International Conference on Rain Water Cistern Systems
St Thomas, Virgin Islands - June, 1984

Section G: Institutional Issues

Paper G.1

Assessment Of Rain Water Cistern Systems Impact On Institutional Policy

YU-Si Fok
University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA


This paper presents the assessment of rain water cistern systems impact on institutional policies according to five different uses of the rain water cistern systems (RWCS). The five uses are classified as the major water supply,-alternative water, supplementary water supply, drinking water in a dual water supply system and fire protection and other uses. The impact of RWCS on institutional policy when RWCS are the major water supply will be stressed to guarantee dependable water supply with good quality and strong controlling per capita water consumption is expected. Perhaps RWCS are mandated in the building permit with building code. This same practice will also apply to RWCS as alternative water supply perhaps with operation and maintenance regulations will also be added. The impact of RWCS when their uses are as supplemental water supply in water shortage areas, incentive measures such as tax exemption or reduction, and subsidizing RWCS construction or purchasing water during droughts would be the policies. In areas where water shortage is a problem especially where good drinking water is in short supply, RWCS may be used in a dual Water supply system. The policy-would be to restrict good quality water for human consumption only with appropriate water price attached to water quality. RWCS may be used for fire protection and other uses, the impact to water policy would be included 'in building permit requirement or other forms of regulations.

PDF of full document (8pp, 210kb)

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