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3rd International Rainwater Cistern Systems Conference
Khon Kaen, Thailand - January, 1987

Section C: Design

Paper C.13

Investigations of Bamboo, Reinforced Concrete Water Tanks

Chayatit Vadhanavikkit
Assistant Professor
Yingsak Pannachet
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Engineering
Khon Kaen University
Khon Kaen


Bamboo reinforced concrete water tanks have been constructed and used in many countries. In Thailand alone, it is estimated that over 50,000 bamboo reinforced ;concrete water tanks have :been built and the investment has been over 300 million baht (US $ 11.5 million). Some of them are still in- use while others fail by cracking or bursting. In addition to the loss of investment 'the failure may be dangerous to lives.

Five bamboo reinforced concrete tanks and three bamboo cement tanks., of capacity ranging from 4.3 to 11,3 cubic meters and an age ranging from 1.5 to 6 years old were investigated. The investigation involved testing of concrete and bamboo specimens obtained by cutting of sections from the tank walls. It was found that the bamboo rods in these tank; were badly deteriorated and became ineffective as reinforcement. As a result, the tanks are left practically without any reinforcement and may eventually burst and be dangerous to lives and properties. Thus if bamboo is to be used as reinforcement for concrete water tanks, appropriate measures to avoid"; the decay problem is necessary.

PDF of full document (6pp, 240kb)

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