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3rd International Rainwater Cistern Systems Conference
Khon Kaen, Thailand - January, 1987

Section D: Policy and Planning

Paper D.4

A Total Approach Towards the Establishment of Rain Water Cistern Systems in Developing Countries

Adhityan Appan
Nanyang Technological Institute.
Lee Kam Wing
International Development Research Centre
Regional Office


Rain Water Cistern Systems (RWCS) have greater application in developing countries where the capital outlay for the conventional larger water supply systems is not forthcoming. However, only of late has the propagation of such systems on a large scale gained prominence.

To establish RWCS systems/ the associated technology involving the sizes of cisterns/ types of material to be used, mode of utilisation and the maintenance of quality are factors that have been largely discussed in depth. In this paper, it is emphasised that to propagate such systems besides these salient technological factors, the socio-cultural aspects of the region also have to be taken into account. The total approach towards a successful RWCS should ensure an integration of all associated technological, socio-cultural and economic components such that the final outcome is a long lasting, simple and cheap system that is manageable by rural communities.

Two types of approaches are recommended depending on the existing state of knowledge of RWCS in the region. As such, case studies of the modus operandi in the Philippines and Indonesia are presented.

PDF of full document (17pp, 510kb)

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