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3rd International Rainwater Cistern Systems Conference
Khon Kaen, Thailand - January, 1987

Section D: Policy and Planning

Paper D.5

Integration of Rain Water Cistern Systems with Other Limited Sources of Water in the Caribbean Islands

Dr Henry H. Smith
Water Resources Research Centre,
Caribbean Research Institute
College of the Virgin Islands
St Thomas
Virgin Islands 00801


Conjunctive use of water supply sources in the Caribbean islands, rain water, ground water and sea water desalination is necessary as demands increase and traditional usage of single sources of supply is being found to be unsatisfactory. A methodology is developed for systematic integration of water from these sources. The strategy attempts to maximize those attributes of each source to as high a degree as possible while keeping the lesser desirable aspects to an acceptable minimum. Models are developed not only to show the effects of various system configurations but also the consequences of cistern use practices on the overall water supply system.

PDF of full document (16pp, 440kb)

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