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3rd International Rainwater Cistern Systems Conference
Khon Kaen, Thailand - January, 1987

Section E: Technology

Paper E.2

A Low Cost Rainwater Tank

P. Chindaprasirit
I. Hovichitr
P. Wirojanagud

Facility of Engineering
Khon Kaen University


A low cost cylindrical rainwater tank was developed for 6 and 12 cu.m. tanks. The height and diameter of 6 cu.m. tank are both 2.0 m. while those of 12 cu.m, tank are 2.5 m. The tank's wall is made by plastering mortar onto a mould coated with clay. The wall is reinforced with steel wire. The technique renders it possible to make a thin wall, i.e. 50 and 60 mm. thick for 6 and -12 cu.m. tanks respectively. The roof of the tank is made of steel reinforced concrete. Cost comparison revealed that the cost of material for this tank is the lowest. The material costs for 6 and 12 cu.m. tanks are approximately 1,500 and 2,800 baht (US$ 60-110). Performance tests indicated that this tank design is sufficiently strong and the construction technique is simple.

Several wire reinforced mortar tanks were built in Khon Kaen and Ubonratchatani and they are found to perform very well. This wire reinforced mortar tank is now being used for the rainwater tank program in Ubonratchatani and for the Rotary Club's Clean Water Project which will be inaugurated to pay homage and express loyalty to His Majesty the King in the celebration of his sixtieth birthday.

PDF of full document (17pp, 520kb)

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