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3rd International Rainwater Cistern Systems Conference
Khon Kaen, Thailand - January, 1987

Section F: Water Quality

Paper F.5

Rainwater Contamination

Wanpen Wirojanagud
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Engineering
Khon Kaen University
Khon Kaen


Rainwater seems to be the most viable solution to provide acceptable quality drinking water in rural area. However, rainwater from roof catchment might be subjected to contamination brought about by dirt on the roof, decayed leaves, and animal excreta such as bird, reptiles, etc. The quality of water stored in a container might be contaminated by either from a collecting systems or by an unclean storage container. The bacteriological quality of rainwater samples collected from various sampling points, i.e., atmosphere, roof and gutter, storage containers (tank and jar), in-house container were evaluated. It was found that the quality of most rainwater samples were below the drinking water quality standards recommended by WHO (1971). Some species of pathogens, Salmonella gr.E and gr.C, V.parahaemolyticus. Aroaonas, were also found in some rainwater samples collected from storage tanks and in-house containers. The findings from this study indicate the possibility of bacteriological contamination of the stored rainwater.

PDF of full document (20pp, 500kb)

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