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3rd International Rainwater Cistern Systems Conference
Khon Kaen, Thailand - January, 1987

Section G: Related Topics

Paper G.3

Village Level Water Storage And Utilization. Practices In- Northeast Thailand'-A Survey And Project Evaluation

Charia Sethaputra
Associate Proffessor
The Research and Development Institute
Chayatit Vadhanavikkit
Associate Proffessor
Faculty of Engineering
Suwan Buatuan
Assistant Proffesor
Faculty of Humanities and Social sciences
Nittaya Pluengnuch
Faculty of  Education


This study was undertaken in three provinces in Northeast Thailand in 1985. It was found that villagers normally utilized jars with varying capacity from 40-2,000 litres to store water. Foe non-tank owners, an average storage capacity of drinking water per head was 175 litres. Those participating in the Rainwater Tank Project provided by the Population and Community Development Association, had an additional vessel with 11,300 litres capacity. The amount of water consumed by villagers varied with age groups and sexes. Regarding the impact of the Rainwater Tank Project on villagers' lifestyles, it was evident that the main  benefit to the villagers was a private, safe water source for drinking and for other necessities. They utilized a larger amount of water for hygienic activities and practiced them more often than ever before - a trend toward better quality of life.

PDF of full document (13pp, 480kb)

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