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4th International Conference on Rain Water Cistern Systems
Manila , Philipines - August, 1989

Section E: Environmental And Water Quality Aspects

Paper E.1

Qualitative Aspects Of Rainwater Use In The Federal Republic Of -Germany

Beate Klein
Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany

Martin Bullerman
Engineer's Association for Environmental Planning, Germany


An extensive research has been made on qualitative aspects of the use of rainwater for closet flushing, gardening irrigation and washing machines.

The quality of the roof water run-off was analysed using 20 parameters at 15 gaging stations. The selection. of the parameters depended on the demands of drinking water in the F.R.G. The measurements were carried out during the period of 1988/89. They showed systematical connections between water quality and roof materials, site facts, meteorology as well as the seasons. The quality of the run-off water was estimated regarding the mentioned uses. Conclusions for the design and operation of rainwater systems are deduced from the results.

PDF of full document (15pp, 270kb)

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