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4th International Conference on Rain Water Cistern Systems
Manila , Philipines - August, 1989

Section E: Environmental And Water Quality Aspects

Paper E.2

Cistern Water Systems in The U.S. Virgin Islands

J. Hari Krishna
University of the Virgin Islands, USA


In the U.S. Virgin Islands, cisterns are commonly used to collect rainfall and provide domestic water supplies. Since the rainfall varies considerably between different points on the islands, a simple formula is proposed that uses the average annual rainfall and roof area to compute cistern storage requirements. Alternative construction materials are discussed which might be less expensive than the conventional reinforced concrete cisterns that are usually built in the Virgin Islands. The results of recent water quality studies indicate that in many cases, cistern water does not meet the Safe Drinking Water Standards. Better cistern maintenance and disinfection procedures are necessary to provide good quality water for drinking and other domestic purposes.

PDF of full document (11pp, 200kb)

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