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4th International Conference on Rain Water Cistern Systems
Manila , Philipines - August, 1989

Section G: Catchment And Storage Systems

Paper G.2

The Use Of Rainwater As The Sole Source Of Supply In Aquaculture

Dr Adhityan Appan
Nanyang Technological Institute, Singapore

George Tay
Aquaculture Division Industrial Farm (Pte) Ltd Singapore


A novel water conservation methodology in Singapore is presented where both surface runoff and rainwater gathered from the roofs of structures are exclusively used in an aquaculture farm. In this farm which has a catchment area of 25 hectares, not less than 4% of the land area is covered by corrugated zinc roof. The annual rainfall of about 2200 mm is collected from both the roof and the remaining land area and stored in four large ponds. Water is continuously pumped to the fishtanks and aquatic plant tanks to top up the losses in the system. The wastewaters from the fishtanks are directed to facultative lagoons from which the effluent overflows into the water and algal ponds. The nutrient-loaded water at lower levels of the facultative lagoons are directed to the aquatic plants or algal ponds which reduce the nutrient contents and then overflow back to the facultative lagoons. This system does not need a supplementary source other than rainwater to. make up the losses and could be a forerunner for such schemes in other developing countries.

PDF of full document (14pp, 240kb)

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