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4th International Conference on Rain Water Cistern Systems
Manila , Philipines - August, 1989

Section J: Applications And Cost Analysis

Paper J.1

Rainwater Harvesting for Potable Water in The Eastern Llanos of Venezuela

Dr. David Holmes


Rainwater collection and storage represent a superior alternative to tank truck delivery for supplying the potable water needs of rural schools and health clinics in the Eastern Llanos of Venezuela. The lack of adequate storage facilities and handling methods has limited the use of rainwater in the past. With filtration, a covered tank, a solar-powered submersible pump and simple treatment methods, water quality can be guaranteed even after prolonged storage. The system is highly reliable and requires very little maintenance which is extremely important in the rural setting.

Potable water can be saved by substituting VIP latrines for flush toilets which typically consume around 50% of the available supply and do not stand up well under hard usage. This type of latrine virtually eliminates the problems of flies and odors.

PDF of full document (10pp, 320kb)

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