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5th International Conference on Rain Water Cistern Systems
"Rainwater Catchment for Future Generations"
Keelung, Taiwan, R.O.C. - August 1991

Section 3: Catchment and Storage System Designs

Page 144

Modernization Of Rain Water Cistern System In Tokyo, Japan

Masami Ichikawa
Tsukuba University, Japan


Generally speaking, Japanese islands are plentiful in annual precipitation about 1,600 mm in average, however, annual precipitation is different from place to place and from time to time. Small islands located in the southern part of Tokyo such as Izu islands and Ogasawara islands, there are primitive rain water cistern such as Toshima, Shikine-jima, Hachijo-jima and Aogashima.

However, Tokyo Metropolitan area are modernized in' architectures, cultures and so on especially after the World War II. Many tall buildings are characterized and low with large roofs buildings such as Shin-Kokugi-Kan, Tokyo Dome and etc. in Tokyo.

I would like to explain about the water resources for miscellaneous uses to collect the low and large roofs buildings with the modernized rain water cistern systems in Tokyo.

PDF of full document (7pp, 160kb)

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