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5th International Conference on Rain Water Cistern Systems
"Rainwater Catchment for Future Generations"
Keelung, Taiwan, R.O.C. - August 1991

Section 6: Socioeconomic Aspects and Cost Analysis

Page 344

Benefits, Favourable Situations, And Cost Optimization Of Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Dr.George Michaelides
Nicosia, Cyprus


The benefits of rainwater harvesting from house roofs for domestic water supply are: the rainwater supply is next to the users house; it is compatible with the approach of "user participation" and "local resources" technology; its technical simplicity; it promotes water conservation; schemes are suitable for construction in stages and in conditions of uncertain initial data on water use; no land requirements; and, operation and maintenance are simple. Favourable situations for the development of rainwater harvesting systems are: dispersed settlements; existing house roofs; and high average rainfall (reduced catchment area required) and little seasonal or annual variability in rainfall (reduced storage volumes required) result in relatively low total costs. The cost of rainwater harvesting systems can be optimized through appropriate planning, design and construction of roof catchments, storage techniques, storage size, use of water. Costs can be saved by the use of unreinforced storage tanks, durable tanks and by planning storage into construction of new buildings.

PDF of full document (10pp, 270kb)

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