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9th International Rainwater Catchment Systems Conference
"Rainwater Catchment: An Answer to the Water Scarcity of the Next Millennium."
Petrolina, Brazil - July 1999

Section 12: Posters

Paper 12.6

Optimization Analysis for Utilization of Rainwater in the Lake Land Plain

Lusheng Sha
Water Conservancy and Architectural Engineering College
Yangzhou University, Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China


The utilization of rainwater is an essential measure taken to overcome the crisis of water resources in dry areas. This paper examines how to fully utilize stream-flow water and reduce the need for water pumping by using a simulation and system analysis approach. The Weishan Lake-Luoma Lake water resources system's pump-storage probability curves have been obtained,based on historical and generated stream-flow series data. The system response values of each operating alternative have also been calculated and the Pareto-solution generated. The optimum solution can be determined based on the priority of system objective importance and considering the local economic base and the national economic developing demand.

PDF of full document (6pp, 36kb)

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