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9th International Rainwater Catchment Systems Conference
"Rainwater Catchment: An Answer to the Water Scarcity of the Next Millennium."
Petrolina, Brazil - July 1999

Section 12: Posters

Paper 12.10

Big Basket Dam (Gabiões Dam)

Gerardo Vieira Lima
CEFAS, Floriano, PI, Brasil


The Barragem de Gabiões (Big Basket Dam) is a technology that has been used in the counties of Oeiras and São João da Varjota in the state of Piauí, by the parish of Oeiras as well as the CEFAS (Centro Educacional São Francisco de Assis--San Francis of Assis Educational Center).

The Big Basket Dam is made of a stone wall held together with the help of cage wires (basket) and grounded with cement wall in the middle. It's a technology used to keep creek and small river water, taking advantage of rainwater and runoff spring water.

It is necessary to make sure that one chooses the right place to build the dam. The proper choice influences the success of the construction and its total cost. The secret is to find a place that's steady in the riverbed as well as on its banks.

-Utilization of regional materials (stones), little use of bought materials (cage wire and cement)
-Easy construction
-No requirement for skilled labor
-Needs lots of workers, gives value to the work within the region.

-Difficulties in locating the right site
-Cannot be applied everywhere (the rives has to have stones and solid rocks)
-Needs lots of workers
-One dam alone isn't very effective
-A series of dams within the same river or creek will bring much better results.

PDF of full document (4pp, 200kb)

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