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9th International Rainwater Catchment Systems Conference
"Rainwater Catchment: An Answer to the Water Scarcity of the Next Millennium."
Petrolina, Brazil - July 1999

Section 4: Technology of Rainwater Catchment Systems

Paper 4.7

Technical Presentation of Various Types of Cisterns Built in the Rural Communities of the Semiarid Region of Brazil

Johann Gnadlinger
IRPAA, C. P. 21
48900-000 Juazeiro - BA, Brasil


In this paper I will give a brief description of the technical aspects of some types of cisterns which are currently being built successfully in the rural communities of the Northeast. I will describe the advantages and disadvantages of the construction of certain types of cisterns. I will also mention my own observations collected during the building and the use over several years.

The types of cisterns are the following:

  1. Concrete plate cistern
  2. Wire Mesh Concrete Cistern
  3. Brick cistern
  4. Reinforced concrete cistern
  5. Lime cistern
  6. Plastic cistern

PDF of full document (11pp, 450kb)

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