Extra,... Extra,... Read all about it!!!

After years of acoustic starvation things seem to be falling into place!

If the good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise a truly revolutionary musical revelation is on its way...

Watch the banned, historic first ever live video recording of Jenks 'Tex' Thomas & Dave the Kenilworth Vigilante (Video, 6.35 MB) appearing at Earlsdon's Spencer Club on Saturday 16 October A.D. 2004.

It appears,... unfortunately, ... as you will be able to witness for yourself... that the overwhelming acusto-tomic thrust of the performance sadly led to the demise of the poor camera man (Chris Archer) on duty.

Whatever,... we are still looking for a double bass player, a fiddle player and a female vocalist...

What we intend to do, once we have learnt to play our instruments, is something along the lines of Jimmie Rodgers or Hank Williams Sr. mixed in with a bit of Discharge and the Clash. You don't have to be all that brilliant on your instrument,... ... as long as you can play it loud!

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