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Welcome to the Homepage of the
Optical Engineering Laboratory

The Optical Engineering Laboratory (OEL) at the University of Warwick is actively researching many areas. Our expertise covers both mechanical and biomedical engineering, with current research covering areas as diverse as engine diagnostics, high-speed, complex flow diagnostics (PIV), digital holography and ophthalmic diagnostics. Previous projects include medical laser ablation and diabetes screening. Read on to find out more, or use the links at either side of the screen to navigate through our site.

Current Research Projects
What are we doing at the moment? Brief details of our research and links for more information, this section is a work in progress. Some papers are available, these will shortly be collated into their own section.

Previous Research
Past research from the OEL, including press articles and publications.

Who are we?
Members of the OEL

How to get to the OEL

Optics Course Notes
Information and notes on the courses that are run by the OEL, coupled with web sites written by past students detailing the workings of IC and Gas Turbine engines.

Biomedical Optics Course
Not notes as of yet, but some useful links to get you started.

Turbine Web & IC Engine Web
Information about the workings of Gas Turbine Engines and IC Engines, with details of analysis techniques used to study these engines.

Site credits

OELWeb Features:
Undergraduate course notes can be found here.

Download FRAN, our fringe analysis software that's free for non-commercial use.

Ever heard an opera singer shake the house down? See what they are doing to themselves.

Do you know how an internal combustion engine works? Find out here.

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